Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Deconstruction of Ben H and Oli P's Microdrama

Aspects of Narrative
Propp's theory is used;

  • the zombie being the villain
  • one of the 'fleeing' characters being the hero
  • the 'wizard' being the magical helper
Todorov's theory is used;
  1. people sat around table (equilibrium)
  2. zombie come and wrecks havoc (dis-equilibrium)
  3. zombie is killed and comes back to life (new-equilibrium)
Bright lighting connotes that it is day time. The use of a light-saber suggests that the film is fantasy based.

I think that their target audience would be male teenagers and young men because it is a horror and all the characters (other than the wizard) are teenagers. There may also be a secondary target audience of younger children, as the use of a 'wizard' and light-saber makes the film edge towards the fantasy genre.

They used a low key, but fast soundtrack which connotes that the film is going to be scary but also fast paced.
Another non-diegetic sound that they used was the sudden drum/string combo played when the zombie presses its faces against the window. This makes you jump.
The wizard's dialogue connotes that he is very old, he greets Jeremy using his full name and the full expression of 'hello'.

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